Free Fire

Free Fire
Director: Ben Wheatley 

Release Date: 31st March  2017
StudioCanal UK

When it comes to the action movie, quite often the most anticipated scene is the eventual showdown, the fire fight, the bloodshed, the release of it all. Our heroes jump through fire, take bullets like it’s a mild hail, and ultimately lead to enthralling fist fights once the bullets run dry. So here we have Free Fire, the film which is all one big gun fight, but without the fiction of the fight.

With a gun deal gone wrong, it’s all out war for the two groups, and the warehouse setting has plenty of cover, broken down scenery to utilise as weapons, and all those guns from said deal. Unlike your typical action film, a little reality comes into play, as after the first flurry of bullets everyone is pretty much down for the count with still the majority of the run time left to play. Characters swear, switch alliances, make comments about dress sense and beard oil. There is a lot of fun in how ridiculous such a scenario is in reality, and thus the comedy potential is fully scoped.

The highs match the best in action, but there is a lot of effort to get to such moments. With everyone down and out so soon, it’s a case of watching characters grimace, and drag themselves to the next moment of entertainment, one slow blood splattered crawl at a time. It keeps to a concept, and the cast play off on each other well, but it misfires on execution.



2 thoughts on “Free Fire

    • Thanks. I was really excited for it, went to the cinema opening night. Love Ben Wheatley’s previous work, though it just didn’t hit me, though admire the overall concept and ambition. Maybe another watch is in order now the DVD is out?


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