Director: Steven Ellison 

Release Date: 21st July 2017
Brainfeeder Films 

Actors have become directors, artists become musicians, and here we have musicians becoming film makers. If you have the ability to spread your creative talent across different mediums, why not, and Flying Lotus dabbles with the surreal along with some friends, to make some real shit. I mean, Kuso, that’s what it means!


An earthquake hits America and things get a little loopy, allowing for Steven Ellison, Flying Lotus, David Firth, and Zack Fox to go wild with a post apocalyptic nightmare of people covered in boils. The short films make up a whole, with an atmosphere that has a real Salad Fingers vibe about them, especially with the paper craft creations that often work as collages between scenes. With the ambient music playing over such visual beauty, it also hearkens to the type of music videos The Knife put out pre-Shaking The Habitual, though Kuso also takes the pleasure in covering these dark pleasures in shit. I mean, literal shit.

Characters casually unload on the toilet, it’s what we do after all, and one character likes to wipe crap on some strange plant/person/thing which is not what we do after all, and there is even a doctor living in someone’s… you can guess. It’s a film which strives to shock, and shock it will, taking the personal aspects of our bodily functions and letting them flow. But to understand the why is not worth the time, for it’s simply Kuso, the most scat since that scene from Dead Leaves.


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