Napping Princess

Napping Princess
Director: Kenji Kamiyama

Release Date: 16th August 2017
Anime Limited 

We’re getting more anime films in the cinema than ever before, which is great for those who love cartoon worlds which have CGI as dressing rather than the main course. We’ve had A Silent Voice, Fairy Tail Dragon Cry, In This Corner Of The World, and now Napping Princess in 2017 alone, with more to come. But before thinking of the future, let’s take a walk through dreams…


Napping Princess, or Ancien And The Magic Tablet, is half about dreaming, half about trying to prevent a computer tablet getting into the wrong hands, due to sensitive data within. The Princess in question, Kokone, is your typical anime high school girl, without a mother, and a father who tinkers all day by creating auto driving cars. She gives everything her all, though has a tendency to fall asleep, leading us into a Ghibli styled world which gives us an insight into just what’s going on with the tablet and how it all came to be in reality. It’s an idea that helps bring in fantasy powered action scenes, but as dreams they simply don’t work as dreams should.

Dreams are fractured, confusing, and rarely coherent. In Napping Princess, the dreams act as one big fantasy story, which tries to inject excitement, but that’s already present in a rather entertaining chase for the tablet and the villainous business man. Paprika showed us the potential of anime dreams, this shows us how whilst we are getting more anime movies, not all dream so big.


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