The League Of Gentlemen Live Again! 2018 – 02 Apollo, Manchester

To celebrate 20 years of the League, they ended up on tour, live again. The last time they took the show on the road, I was too young to go, so all I could do was watch the DVDs and wonder about all those pens, Dave’s and precious things. Of course I wasn’t going to miss them this time round, Royston Vasey was my second home as a teen afterall, even if I didn’t get a ticket till the night before.

Well, maybe Royston Vasey is no longer my second home, more like my eighth or ninth or so. That’s what twenty years does to you, to me, and to them… Continue reading



How many times have we stepped into Wonderland? How many times will we visit Wonderland before each trip to the Mad Hatters tea party becomes as sterile as a tea break at work? And how many angles can you truly give the story without being too far removed from it all? From animation to freaky stop motion taxidermy, we’ve had it all, so how does this musical rendition of the classic story set itself apart from all the madness that has gone before?  Continue reading

The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-Time – Salford Lowry

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is certainly a curious tale, telling the story of an autistic boy trying to uncover the murder of his neighbours dog, a book which doesn’t condensate, doesn’t oversimplify, and has recently been transformed into a play so all the world can see for those who won’t read. Part awareness, largely entertainment, it’s helped manifest the feelings of autism through a performance and a stage which is akin to opening ones mind and letting those thoughts and sensations float around on the outside. Very curious. Continue reading