Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
Director: Ol Parker 
Release Date: 20th July  2018
Universal Pictures 

Here we go again…


Here we go again!

You can take that sequel subtitle to Mamma Mia! both ways, though seeing as I skipped the original, I can only guess how I’d say it, with wide eyes or rolled eyes.

Though thanks to Alan Partridge, I do partake in a spot of Abba from time to time. Don’t we all?

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Director: John Carroll Lynch
Release Date: 14th September 2018
Magnolia Pictures 

Have you been thinking about death much lately? Does the thought of what comes after keep you up at night? How old are you? I used to worry about it at 19, and I still do at 29. But those ten years went way too quick. Like do you still worry about it as much when the reaper is close by? Surely you just get used to the idea, accept it, and all that. Well here we have Lucky, which gives us Harry Dean Stanton at 90 wandering a small corner of America. And of course, he thinks about it every damn day.

Ah, oh, what can you do?
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Director: Spike Lee
Release Date: 24th August 2018
Focus Features 

Here’s another film about the past to tell us about the present that is 2018, The Post was only the beginning, it’s that sort of time we’re living. It’s a little sad that these sort of things from back when are still prevalent, and it takes a film such as BlacKkKlansman (how do you say it?) to highlight how little things have changed. I mean we already know, or at least we should already know, but sometimes you need to watch a good ol’ buddy cop movie to get a certain perspective on how time is a circle, so here we are.

And most of it is true too. Most of it.
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Ant-Man And The Wasp

Ant-Man And The Wasp
Director: Peyton Reed
Release Date: 2nd August 2018
Walt Disney Motion Pictures 

After the epic universe spanning Avengers: Infinity War, here’s something a little smaller in scale. Well a whole lot smaller, really. In fact, so small, it’s on the other end of the spectrum, you have to really squint to see it. Like trying to pick out an ant wandering through an overgrown field. Either that, or I just forgot to wear my glasses when I went to see Ant-Man and the Wasp. (I didn’t, I’m just being… you got it)


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Strangers On A Train

Strangers On A Train
Director: Alfred Hitchcock 
Release Date: 30th June 1951
Warner Bros.

Manchester indie cinema Home have a new theme for August, The Dark Page, giving cinema goers a chance to see a bunch of classic noir. Strangers On A Train is the one I own on DVD, but also the one that I’ll happily take some time out to see on the big screen. It’s not so dark when you’re in such company. Just had to make sure not to talk to anyone I didn’t know in the seats next to me… you never know.
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Sicilian Ghost Story

Sicilian Ghost Story 
Director: Fabio Grassadonia & Antonio Piazza
Release Date: 3rd August 2018

When it comes to ghosts, sometimes a little haunting is necessary. Some deaths are so sad, so horrible, a haunting is required so people don’t forget. Sicilian Ghost Story is such a reminder, telling the tale of Giuseppe, a boy murdered by the Mafia back in 1996. It’s a true story with no joy, no hope, and so, here we are with such things to give a little love to a lingering spirit. It’s Pan’s Labyrinth meets The Fault In Our Stars. A horrific sounding mix.  Continue reading

Pin Cushion

Pin Cushion 
Director: Deborah Haywood 
Release Date: 13th July 2018
BFI Film

Pin Cushion, a nice thing to have if you like your arts & crafts, but you wouldn’t want to be the equivalent of one, right? Right. Unfortunately for some there is no escaping being a human pin cushion, as this very film portrays with such intensity, you can feel each and every prick. Meet the fucked up Lady Bird, the British Welcome To The Dollhouse, and the fantasies fellow pun cushions may share.

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