Space Is The Place

Space Is The Place
Director: John Coney
Release Date: November 1974 (15th July 2018 Home Showing)

July saw the city of Manchester celebrate all things sax, with the jazz festival taking place throughout the month, across various venues and bars, as if the innards of Matt & Phreds had leaked out into the streets. You could almost smell the muzak.

Independent cinema Home deal largely in movies, and so through July they put on a number of movies about classic jazz players, from Django to Sun Ra to get into the spirit of the yearly fest. Space is the Place is about the latter musician, and what can I say? Space most certainly is the place.


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La La Land

La La Land 
Director: Damien Chazelle
Release Date: 12th January 2017
Summit Entertainment 

We’re only halfway into 2017, and already this film has pop culture references aplenty from that one dance scene we can see in the poster to our left. When Love Island is replaying the scene out for a date, and The Simpsons has a La La Land episode, you know you’ve made it. Probably.¬† Continue reading